2020 YMCA World Camp


“100th Anniversary of the Educational Camps in Japan”
-Make friends from world through camping to build bridges for peace-

Young people who can think and judge critically, express their ideas and listen to others, and then take action are vital to building a strong society. In order to nurture these young people, World Camp 2020 will focus on “developing strong communication skills” through camp experiences. We are looking forward to seeing young people from many countries gathering and creating a new place for growth through this world camp.

World Camp 2020

▼ What can I get out of World Camp?

● Global communication skills
● Individual global network
● Social participation awareness
● Have fun

August 5th (Wed) ~ 14th (Fri)【9nights 10days】
5th Arriva,stay in ROKKOSAN  
6th Exchage & Cultural actibities 
7th Day off
8th Go to ANAN
9th camp activitise
10th camp activitise
11th camp activitise
12th Leave CAMP ANAN,stay in ROKKSAN
13th Osaka City sightseeing
14th Depature
Venue Target Number Participation fee
ROKKOSAN YMCA Global Learning Center 13 ~ 17 years old
(7th grade~12th grade)
50 people US$1,600~US$1,700
(about 185,000yen)
※Currently applying for public subsidies to reduce individual costs
/Air fare from each country is required separately